Understanding What Black Men Want In Relationships

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Men want to be independent. You will find a lot of similarities when it comes to women’s needs and mens in relationships. This is much bigger for men, because no man wants their manhood stripped away. Don’t  try and control him.

  • Men don’t want to be smothered, they need their breathing room. Smothering can be calling them too much, or always showing up unannounced. They want to spend time with you, but they don’t want to be smothered with it. Let them miss you and reflect on the time spent.

  • Pay attention to your man.

    Avoid drama.

    Avoid nagging.


    He want’s you to be his best friend.

    A lot of Sex.

    And no fighting.

    And night out with the fellas.

    Ladies try this – you will have you a very happy man.

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